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Project Description

Planar EarTRAmbled, shortly PETRA is small GIS toolkit (set of .NET assemblies) published as projectWare, usefull with Intergraph GeoMedia® product suite, focused to SQLServer.

Primary project purpose is to have variable/customizable projectware option to strictly commercially licensed Intergraph® and ESRI® products and tools. This is sometimes necessary with larger projects.

Project is written in C# and managed by VC# Express. 

Some key features:

  • supports OCG SFS 1.1 geometry model, extended with Arc, Text/Label and Grid/Image geometry type
  • SHP, GDOSQL data providers and geometry factories.
  • TIFF, CIT image decoders, where TIFF decoder supports full Adobe® TIFF spec. (all possible image geometry and color schemes), except of GeoTiff tag, which was quite fuzzy at time of implementation.
  • For TIFF also image tiles are supported as specified by Intergraph®
  • SRS and SRS transform (including precise image transforms) with XAML, JSON support for coordinate system and transform storage.
  • legend driven map display components


  • Geometry factory for MSSQL 10 geometry and geography data types provided, read more here

Project Petra.Gis has multiple licences.  It contains a lot of work of other people, published under various licenses. Please read carefully license terms within source.

Source code is still not fully clean and txt files are outdated. Rather read source code notes than txt's.

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